Friday, August 6, 2010

What's going on here?

So this is a companion piece for my main blog, From Frank to Frivolous. As I surf the web, I often stumble upon gems I want to revisit or share but, besides bookmarking them in an endless list or linking to them permanently in my sidebar, I have no way of keeping track of my finds. And maybe I'm not ready to commit to sidebar placement. Or maybe I want to direct you to a specific post. Or maybe I just want to remember why I thought this particular bit of cyberspace was noteworthy in the first place.

Enter the Big Blogroll blog. I will post my finds here, for my benefit and, hopefully, eventually, for yours. You may learn more than you bargained for about how my mind works and where I spend my time in cyberspace, but you might just be better for it. How's that for big promises, huh?

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